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Here are some activities that you can do your children or students.
You can do any of these activities throughout the day (or another day, week, month, or year).

1/29/03 Journal Entry
Today I realized Elizabeth knows how to spell the word “zoo”.  She has asked me how to spell zoo awhile back. She wanted to see the pictures at Google Image Search (I'm right by here-working on the other computer).  Today she was on the computer and then she showed me a book she found at Google.  It is called, Zoo-Looking by Mem Fox.  This is what inspired me to start thinking of activities to do with my children (at least once a week).  (Elizabeth is 5 years old and Michael is 3 years old.)

We made goop.  We talked about the words goop, ooze, food, moo, etc. while we played with the goop.  
We read Peek-A-Moo and found the word "moo" in the book.
We ate some food (noodles).

oo Phonics Activities #1

Phonics: Take about oo sounds (ü) like in the words: zoo, moo, boo, etc.

Literature: Read a book with the oo sounds in it.

Some oo books (and themes) include:
Letter M: Moose Theme (and books)
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss
Peek-A-Moo by Bernard Most (We bought this book at a store.  It also has the sound: ow (cow, now).)
Moon Theme (and books)
Zoo Theme (and books)

Activity: Look for oo sounds in that book (like the word zoo, moon, and moo).

Look at different pictures of a cow.  What sound does a cow make? (moo). 
Look at different pictures of an owl.  What sound does an owl make? (hoo).
Look at different zoo animal pictures.  Type in the word cow and zoo at Google Images.

Music:  Sing "Old MacDonald"
(You can read some farm books.)

Art: Draw a cow (since it makes the noise, moo).

Science: Look at the moon.  Can you see the moon in the day? If not, look at it at night.

Home Economics/Cooking:  Make some noodles.  Eat it.

Other Noodle Activities:  Do some art activities or play a game online at Food Theme: Noodles.

Science: Make goop out of corn starch. Explore with your hands.  (Senses.)
Talk about the sound of oo while the child/ren play with the goop.
"Look, the goop is oozing through your fingers."  "Ooze."

Talk about other words like: bandicoot, boo, boom, boot, food, fool, foolish man, goose, hoo, kangaroo, loop, loose, moo, mood, moon, moose, noodle, noon, oodles, ooze, pool, poodle, roof, room, root, rooster, soon, too, toot, tooth, zoo, zoom, etc.

For younger children: You can choose words like; boo, moo, hoo, toot and have them say the words.

Online oo Activities
Between the Lions: Double o, "oo" Song Quicktime, Real Player

Phonics Activities #2
Phonics: Take about oo sounds (u) like in the words: book, cook, foot, good, hood, hoof, hook, look, roof, root, took, tool, etc.

Science: What part of your body do you use to look at things?  (Your eyes.) 

Music: Sing a song about your eyes.

Read a book about eyes:
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss

Science: Look at different objects using your eyes.  What did you see?  What color is it? etc.
Talk about your eyes and the importance of them.

Art:  Draw a picture.

Literature: Read any book.

Other oo Sounds
O: door floor poor
&: flood

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