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If you would like to learn Spanish, I recommend the Learn Spanish Today Course.
Click on the below link to find out more information about this program.

Learn Spanish Learn Spanish Today (Free Online Lessons) Learn Spanish

free Spanish lessons

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Learn Spanish @ Practicing Spanish This resource provides an introduction to Spanish followed by grammatical explanations and recordings. It is entirely free.  New 7/29/2011
Learn Spanish - with audio and transliterations This site includes Spanish study sheets that include all 40 topics and 1,400 words and phrases from the audio site.  Both the study sheets and the audio site are free to all.
My Spanish Picture Dictionary (English - Spanish) is a new online resource to learn Spanish (or English) words in a fun way. Each word in the dictionary has an English - Spanish translation and a photograph of the item. The interface is simple and both kids and adults will find this new resource entertaining and educational.
Online Dictionaries / Diccionario bilingüe Online
Includes Spanish (and other languages too).
Online English Spanish Dictionary @ Word Magic Free online English Spanish Dictionary with translations, synonyms, definitions and usage examples.
Type Spanish accents online

Spanish Fun (Online Spanish Activities)

Spanish Mini-Lessons
Colors & Numbers

Alfabeto @ Spanish Flash Cards This has the correct way to pronounce W.
Literacy Center Click on the first three.  The W is not pronounced correctly (at least how I learned it and according to the previous link).

Mi Cara en Español - Learn the parts of the face in Spanish

Fire Safety
Spanish Fire Safety Game @ Kiddies Games

Numbers 123
Literacy Center
Spanish Numbers @ Spanish Flash Cards

Misc. Links
Digital Dialects: Spanish Language Learning
Disney Latino: Playhouse Flash needed.  Click on one of the countries, then one of the programs (on the left of the screen), and then click on "ENTRAR AL SITIO" (most will have this).
Foreign Language Learning for Kids
LiteracyCenter.Net: Español-Spanish: Play & Learn @ The Early Childhood Education Network
Nick Jr.: Dora
PBS Kids: Sesame Street - Spanish Word of the Day
Spanish for Kids | 123TeachMe
Spanish Flashcards Hear various words, numbers, animals, foods, expressions, etc. pronounced.  It also has a picture of the object. 
StoryPlace La Bibiloteca Pre-escolar (Spanish)

At:, they have math activities in Spanish.

Older Children
Maggie's Learning Adventures @ Scholastic

Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary - Dictionary of Spanish and English
WordReference Online German, Spanish, French and Italian Dictionaries

Online Activities, Flashcards, Stories, etc.
BBC - Languages - Spanish There are various video clips, audio clips, practice, etc. of different life situations.
Electronic Flashcards for Spanish Verb conjugations, use of correct tenses, verb-preposition combinations, and translation of prepositional phrases
English - Spanish Translation Games, Activities and Quiz
Quia - Spanish Games, questions, etc. to learn Spanish
Spanish Flashcards Program Test your Spanish vocabulary
Learn Spanish - Online Lessons @ Spanish Learning
Learn Spanish - Spanish Pronounciation Tutorial
Spanish Flash Cards - Spanish Flashcards You can hear lots of different words, expressions, etc. pronounced.  It also has a picture of the object.  Younger children will enjoy this.
Spanish Questions Words w/Audio @ Spanish Learning
Spanish Games Word Seaches and Hangman
St. Cronan's - Español (Spanish) Online Flashcards
StoryPlace: La biblioteca digital de niños Activities and stories online, book lists for different themes, and printables
The Spanish Alphabet with Audio Mp3s @ Spanish Learning
Tomasita Y El Gran Oso Negro In English it is translated as "Tomasita and the Big Black Bear".  If you receive an error page, search for the word "oso"
Web Spanish Lessons by Tyler Jones
A site with Spanish lessons and words you can listen to how they are pronounced..
Note: Of what I have gone through so far, there are some words pronounced incorrectly.
The r in the middle of a word is pronounced like the English dd in the word ladder.
The words that have a d in the middle of the word, you need to put your tongue barely between your teeth like the English th in the word they, but it is softer.
The word geografía the ge is pronounced like hey.

Online Music & Lessons
La Bamba Lyrics and Music for Musical Spanish Including how to pronounce the words
La Bamba Spanish Lessons - Musical  Spanish Including online quizzes and more
Spanish Songs of Musical Spanish La Bamba, AMedia Luz, La Cucaracha, Carnavalito, Cielito Lindo, Ay Cosita Linda, Las Mañanitas, Guantanamera, La Adelita, and Allá en el Rancho Grande

Music & Games
Canciones populares de Europa - España (Popular Songs of Europe -  Spain)
Spanish for Kids
Spanish Songs: Music for Teaching the Spanish Language

Here are some pages that might be of interest to you from - Games & Songs for Children or Juegos y Canciones para los Niños
It has one page called "Body Part Games" and there are other fun songs (including animals).
Músicapaedia:  Teach Spanish Songs as Full Lessons, K-12
Download samples songs, view lyrics & lessons, and purchase CD's &  lesson books

Our prep courses include the latest set of 1Y0-A24 and 650-987 exam with 100% guarantee for victory in 1z0-878 and 70-432.Our ccvp training is simply the best in its quality.

DLTK's Make Your Own Mini-books Some are in Spanish: Creation,  Noah and His Ark, Go Car Go!, Five Little Pumpkins, Mommy Bird, Time for School, and more will probably added to the site.
Los Libros de Texto Gratuitos (or in English - Free Text Books)
This site has lots of activities & worksheets for grades 1 - 6 to use in your classroom or to help you learn Spanish.
Nick Jr. Spanish Word of the Day
Personal Education Press This site generates lots of different flashcards, word lists, bingo, study sheet, quiz, tracing sheets, match across, word scramble, and big sign.
Practice (Spanish) Worksheets Ser y estar; Preterit tense; Subjunctive in Recommendations and Reactions

Other Spanish Links - Spanish Language: Learn Spanish grammer, vocabulary, and culture
Chritopher A. LaFond's Spanish Review Worksheets @ Boston College
Culture of the Andes: Quechua Songs & Poems, Stories, Photos.... This site also has Quechua lessons. Activites and Lessons in Spanish / Actividades y Lecciones en Español
     Veo, veo. ¿Qué ves? and I Spy. What do you See? Language Arts K-1
     Hora de risas and Giggle Break Language Arts K-2
     ¡Más rimas y canciones! Language Arts K-1
     Un mural de cuentos and Story Land Mural Art / Language Arts K-1
     Jugar a la memoria and Character Concentration Art / Language Arts K-1
     ¿Qué estás haciendo aquí? and What Are You Doing Here? Art / Science K-2
     Jardín de colores and Color Garden Art / Science K-1
     Familiarízate con tu computadora and Getting to Know Your Computer Science K-2
     Libros animados and Quick Change Flip Book Science / Art K-2
     Criaturas graciosas and Silly Creatures Art / Science K-1
    Note: They have more in other areas and grades.

St. Cronan's - Español/Spanish for 5th and 6th Class
EspanOle! La Lengua Lots of links.
Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial
SyberVision 2000 Pimsleur  Language Programs  Free Audio Preview