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Children love to get their hands dirty with whatever they put their hands on.  My daughter loves to put her hands in potting soil.  Children are closer to the ground than adults are so their backs won't hurt as much. Gardening can be indoors too.  If you don't have a backyard or if you want to do it inside your home, apartment or classroom, you can do projects in a pots or other things.  I have found some links that will help you and your children grow a garden.  It can be flowers, food, etc.  I have also found online activities for children to play online.

Garden Stencils - Set of 12

Garden Stencils - Set of 12

Thick and durable plastic stencils in 12 fun nature designs will last for years of use. Assorted colors; each stencil is 8 square. Great for use with paint markers crayons and pencils.


LDS Church Music: Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep, CS, page 243
KidzSing - The Garden Song (Inch by Inch by David Mallett)
Mrs. Jones - Sing Along: The Garden Song Another song sung to "The Farmer in the Dell".

Inch by Inch The Garden Song MP3

The Garden Song (Inch By Inch) Fran Friedman
The Garden Song Rik Barron

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
Grandma's Garden by Mercer Mayer
Grandma's Garden by Elaine Moore
How a Seed Grows (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1) by Helene J. Jordan
  In Spanish: How a Seed Grows (Spanish edition): Como crece una semilla (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)
Inch by Inch: The Garden Song (Trophy Picture Books) by David Mallett
  (This book includes sheet music.)
Molly and Emmett's Surprise Garden by Marilyn Hafner
Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward
  (This book includes sheet music.) It is a song about 10 insects.
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Jack and the Beanstalk Books

The Secret Garden Books @

A Guide for Using The Secret Garden in the

A Guide for Using The Secret Garden in the Classroom Book & eBook

This resource is directly related to its literature equivalent and filled with a variety of cross-curricular lessons to do before, during, and after reading the book. This reproducible book includes sample plans, author information, vocabulary building ideas, cross-curriculum activities, sectional activities and quizzes, unit tests, and ideas for culminating and extending the novel.

Garden Patch Math

Garden Patch Math Game

Game 1: Use the big, juicy watermelon side to practice adding numbers up to 10. Each player, in turn, draws a "Watermelon Addition" card, solves the math problem, and uses a watermelon seed to cover up the right answer. The game is over when all the numbers on the board have been covered!
Game 2: Use the colorful pumpkin patch side to practice subtracting numbers up to 10. Each player, in turn, draws a "Pumpkin Subtraction" card, solves the math problem, and uses a pumpkin leaf to cover up the right answer. The game is over when all the numbers on the board have been covered!
Game 3: Use the addition and subtraction cards as flash cards. The two decks can be combined for advanced students.

-Use the games to practice addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10.
-Ideal for pairs or small groups of children (1-4 players).
-Great for individual instruction and tutoring at school or at home.
-A flash card variation challenges children who know the basic math facts.

Garden Games & More
You can use these stickers for Garden Concentration Game, Finish the Pattern Game / Activity Sheet, place on papers, bulletin boards, and more.
In My Garden Stickers from Susan Winget

In My Garden Stickers from Susan Winget

120 self-adhesive stickers per pack (8 designs). Each sticker is approximately 1" square or round. Teacher Created Resources stickers are acid-free. (Per industry standards; contact us for technical information.)

In My Garden 2-Sided Decorations from Susan Winget

In My Garden 2-Sided Decorations from Susan Winget

Brighten a window or create a mobile! Colorful designs are printed on both sides, die-cut, and pre-punched for easy hanging. Each set of designs measures about 23" x 18".

Planting a Garden
Classroom Garden Set - Flowers

Classroom Garden Set - Flowers

Kids love gardening! Attract an array of butterflies and hummingbirds to your classroom garden with this complete flower planting set. Includes: 18 germination pots 18 compressed soil discs 18 biodegradable (made of corn) germination bags 3 seed packs (zinnia petunia and evening primrose) plant stakes and activity guide.

Classroom Garden Set - Vegetables

Classroom Garden Set - Vegetables

Kids love gardening! Plant vegetables watch them grow then harvest them. Activity guide include.

Science & Books

Growing Seeds
- Plant a seed. Water it.  Measure the growth.
- Look at different seeds.  Compare them.
- Plant two or more seeds.  Water them. Compare them.   Measure the growth.

Botanical Interests - Tomato HP Logo

Bean Activity

One Bean by Anne Rockwell

Jack and the Beanstalk (or other books) Extension Activity
Place a damp paper towel in a sealable plastic bag or bottle.  Place a bean in the bottom of the bag or bottle.  Watch it grow.  Dampen the paper towel when it is almost dry.  Watch it grow.  Draw pictures.

Place the sprouted bean in soil when the roots start to grow (put the roots facing downward) in a cup or something else.  The bean(s) will need to be out of the soil (depending which stage you plant it).  Make holes in the bottom of the cup so excess water can come out.  Lightly water the soil.  Watch it grow, measure, and draw pictures.

You can plant the unsprouted bean in soil.  See stages of beans to see which way to place the bean. (Some beans/seeds don't grow or take extra time so use more than one.) 

Stages of Beans
Bean Germination and Growth
Life Cycle of Bean Plant

Soup Activities
Stone Soup (Aladdin Picture Books) by Marcia Brown
Sopa de Piedras = Stone Soup (Spanish Edition) by Marcia Brown
Stone Soup by Ann McGovern

Activities and books at: Food Theme: Soup.

Grow Your Own Soup - New Era Including soup / stew recipes

Carrot Activities
The Carrot Seed 60th Anniversary Edition by Ruth Krauss
La Semilla de Zanahoria (The Carrot Seed) (Spanish version) by Ruth Kraus

Activities and books at: Food Theme: Carrot.

Cooking and Snacks
Eat sunflower, pumpkin or other types of edible seeds.

Use the lesson plan found at How Many Apple Seeds?.

Decorate apple shaped sugar cookies.
Sugar Cookies
Dairy-free Sugar Cookies
Use red food coloring; you can also use green and yellow if you would like.  (Natural food dye is the best type to use.)
Have the children put raisins or chocolate chips on top for seeds.

Funstuf: Hide-and-Seek Maze (a flower bed) and Green's Greens
Garden Roundup You can type this game up for an activity.
Grandma's Herb Garden Word search puzzle.
Help the Mice Match the Seeds @ Bry-Back Manor

My Pages
Butterfly, Moth, & Caterpillar Themes (including: The Very Hungry Caterpillar): Butterfly Gardens
Easter and Spring Themes

Other Links
Angiosperm Growth and Development
Aggie Horticulture Just for Kids

Bry-Back Manor: Garden Fun (It's Spring!)
Flower icons, clipart, spring flowers clipart, The Recycle Game (for Mac's), Frogs, and fun activities.
Carrot, Beet, and Radish
CG Online - Gardening with Kids
Composting for Kids
Davis College of Agriculture, Foresty and Consumer Sciences Gardening with Kids: The Family Garden
Garden Crafts @ Danielle's Place
Make Seed Packets and Start your own Seed Company, "Plant a Little Kindness" plant marker, Bold Garden Crow, and Keepsake Stepping Stones.  There are patterns to go with most of these crafts.
Garden for Kids @
Gardening for Kids!
Gardening for Kids
Gardening for Kids: Flowery Name
Gardening for Kids Theme Page
Gardening with Kids @
The Great Plant Escape
For teachers (parents) and children.
Case Brief, Facts, Mysteries, and Activities.
HortSource: Zucchini Secrets
Is This Poison Ivy?
KD Craft Exchange - Baby-food Jar Gardens
Check out hydroponics, plant and insects, and seeds: the promise of life
KinderArt: Seasonal Arts and Crafts: April
KinderArt: Earth Day
Linda's Garden (including gardening with kids)
Click on "gardening" and then "101" on the bottom or the side. It has -seed starting with kids seed starting worksheet, in good things look at eggshell flower pots.
Minnesota Department of Agriculture: IMP Publicatons Download various fact sheets (insects, weeds, plant disease, rodents, pesticides, ABackyard Activity Book for Kids (in separate pdf files), and "Thicket! (articles, links, etc.).
Missouri Botanical Garden
My First Garden Facts and a teacher's guide.
Plants and Botany Links
Propagation of Plants by Stem Cuttings
Springtime Gardening with Kids @
This is a site you don't want to skip over.
Teacher Vision: Gardening with Kids
The Edible Schoolyard
Van Dyck's: Gardening With Kids
Van Dyck's: Gardening With Kids - Pressing Flowers
Wisconsin Fast Plants To know a plant, Grow a plant
Where there?
Worlds of Weeds - Fascinating Science - Practical Tips and Tools
Includes gardening.
Online Gardening Activities
Garden Playground
Garden Tool Concentration

Online Gardening Activities For Older Children

These links are for older children.
Garden Jigsaw Puzzle
Garden Word Scramble

Gardening & Action Verses @
Easter Activities: Eggshell Garden
Exploring: Cucumber Gifts!
Exploring: Water Gardening
Tiny Strawberry Garden
For Little Friends: Let's Plant a Garden (action verse) and Egg Carton Garden
For Little Friends: My Garden (action verse) and Garden Watering Bottle
Recycled Gardening Kit

Fun Activities @
A Happy Harvest Some gospel related and a dot-to-dot
Sharing Time: Make a String Picture
Sharing Time: Reverence for Creation (create a garden in a shoe box)
Plant a Garden - Song
Grandma's Garden - Story

Other Links @
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden - Song
From Latter-day Prophets: Spencer W. Kimball
For Little Friends: Faith
Sharing Time: Faith in Jesus Christ and make a book: "The Word of God Is like a Seed"

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