Songs from the Friend Magazine

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Here are some songs that have sheet music for them.
If you want to search for more, go to Gospel Library and type in "Words and music by".
LDS Church Music

In the Children's Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Book of Mormon Stories Song
Choose the Right Way
Come with Me to Primary
Follow the Prophet, pg. 110
Follow the Prophet (booklet for song)
Follow the Prophet song This has colored pictures to go with the song.  They have other verses to go with this song.
I Want to be a Missionary Now
I'll Walk with You
If I Had Been in Bethlehem
Latter-day Prophets
Mary's Lullaby
Mother, Tell Me the Story
On a Golden Springtime
Picture a Christmas
The Nativity Song - Music
Truth from Elijah

Songs From the Friend: Sheet Music @ Christy's Primary Art You will need to search at Gospel Library to find the titles of the songs.

Pictures to Use With Songs
Sharing Time: "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (CS, 231)
Sharing Time: I Live in a Beautiful World My Heavenly Father Loves Me", (CS, 228)
The Nativity Song A word was changed and the first verse was added since this was published in the Friend.
The Nativity Song - Music
The Nativity Song - Pictures Black & white pictures to go with the song on page 52.

Not in the Children's Songbook
A Gift of Love
A Young Boy Named Joseph
All Thy Children Shall Be Taught of the Lord
Blessed America
Building a Temple
Father in Heaven Hears Me Pray
Follow His Light
Go on a Mission
Heros Of The Scriptures
Holding Hands Around the World
I'll Follow Him in Faith (Jan. 2003)
My Blessings
My Father Taught Me
Other Sheep I Have
Reverence is Love
Scripture Power
The Book of Mormon Teaches Me
The Lord Will Watch Over Me It has these people in the song: Daniel, David, Samuel, Shadrach, Jonah, Helaman, Noah’s family, you and me.
The Spirit of Christmas
The Windows of Heaven